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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are created by special printers that adhere a wax based ink to paper. The paper is run through the printer with a thermal transfer ribbon, underneath a print head that melts the wax-based ink from the ribbon, onto the paper. Once this ink has been given an opportunity to cool down, it is permanent. A highly reliable technique, it is also quite fast, making it a technique of choice for industrial labeling.

At ABB Labels, not only are we are capable of manufacturing large quantities of thermal transfer labels for our clients, but we also sell the equipment that allows them to print it themselves. Obviously, for larger orders, it is far more cost effective to have a professional label manufacturer, such as ourselves, do the work for you. Nevertheless, for smaller jobs, owning a thermal transfer printer can be quite useful.

The cost of purchasing such a printer depends entirely on the level of quality you are looking for. The two factors to keep in mind are: speed and dots per inch (or dpi). One of our most basic models, for example, can produce only two labels per second, at a low resolution of 203 dpi. On the other hand, more expensive models work faster (upwards of eight labels per second) and at higher resolutions (300 dpi). It is also important to remember that ribbons for these printers come in various lengths, widths and formula. Some are wax, others are resin or even a combination of the two.

Whether you are looking to place a large order or simply want the equipment to make thermal transfer labels on your own, at ABB Labels, we strive to offer the highest quality at the most competitive price. At our online store, we stock thousands of Thermal Transfer products, including Labels, Ribbons, Printers, and Software. Orders can be placed directly via our online store or by contacting us by phone. Our experts will work with you to answer any remaining questions you may have.

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