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Inventory Tags

Trying to keep track of inventory can be a difficult task if you don't have a specific system in place. One of the easiest ways to do so is through the use of inventory tags. These items are simply attached to each piece of inventory and provide a central location where information can be gathered and processed, making it easier to monitor what comes in and out.

So, what makes an inventory tag? Typically, such tags come in three different styles: carbon style, carbonless and stub style. Carbon style use carbon paper to copy whatever notation from one page to another. Carbonless work the same way--without the carbon paper, of course--while stub style come with a detachable section. Regardless of the type of style that is chosen, all three usually include similar categories to keep track of necessary information.

What information do inventory tags contain? The type of product, amount, date, price and name of the individual keeping track of the inventory are among a few basic pieces of information. Most importantly, inventory tags are all sequentially numbered, making it easier to keep inventory flow under control.

At ABB Labels, we specialize in the manufacture of inventory labels. Not only do we strive to create superior products, but we also believe in offering our clients the best rates available. To that end, we always keep track of our competitor's prices and adjust ours periodically to reflect changes in the industry. We are so confident in the value of our services, that if a client finds a lower price than ours, we'll either match it or give them a 20 percent discount on their order.

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