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Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are one of the easiest and most affordable forms of self-expression and advertising. Whether you are a new band trying to create a buzz, a corporate entity seeking new clients, or a politically involved individual trying to promote a viewpoint, stickers can get the job done fast. Nevertheless, if the product you are using is sub par, your results may be too.

When ordering stickers, people often overlook one of the most important aspects: the material that is used to make them. Since stickers are usually exposed to a lot of wear and tear, including exposure to varying climates, it is important that they don't degrade too rapidly. Additionally, if a sticker doesn't "stick" or maintain its stickiness, it can no longer really be considered a sticker.

At ABB Labels, we offer customers the opportunity to choose between a variety of materials, including white vinyl, clear polypropylene and white or fluorescent papers. Obviously, choosing between these materials depends on the type of sticker you are looking to purchase. Regardless, a clear over-laminate should always be used if you want to protect the artwork from potential damage.

Although most stickers are usually produced in standard shapes or sizes (such as a rectangle, square or circle), at ABB Labels we can manufacture any design that it is requested. Our graphics department can also handle any type of artwork, even making adjustments or improvements if requested. Finally, we believe in keeping the process simple, which is why orders can be placed directly online. Nevertheless, if you have any additional questions, our staff of experts can be contacted via our toll free phone number or email.

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