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Nowadays, no matter what you buy, there is usually a barcode label affixed to it. In fact, barcode technology has become so prevalent it is now utilized in a wide variety of applications. Barcode labels provide an easy way to monitor inventory, keeping track of items that go in and out of a store, warehouse or even an office.

A single governing board originally known as the Uniform Code Council, (they have recently changed their name to GS1 US), regulates barcodes. All barcodes use a 12 number identification system known as the GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number. These numbers are literally encoded into the black bars, which can be scanned and read by certain types of equipment.

The GTIN is actually made up of three separate parts. The first is a company's UCC profile prefix. This is a number that is provided by the Uniform Code Council. The second set of numbers is the item reference. This number is specific to a particular item your company is selling. The last number is referred to as the check digit and is simply an added security and accuracy confirmation measure. In order for a company to be able to use barcode labels commercially, it is necessary for them to contact he UCC and setup the first part of their GTIN.

At ABB Labels, we provide companies with a source for all of their barcode and label needs. Once a company has obtained their UPC registration via the UCC, we can create their UPC masters, labels and even provide them with useful software and printers. In addition to offering a direct link to the UCC on our website, our experts can help you figure out the necessary steps to take and answer any additional questions either by phone or via email.

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