Why Us ?

Over the years, I have been faced with this question repeatedly: "What does make us different ?" After all there are well over 100 Label & Tag Manufacturers in Southern California alone.

The answer lies in three basic principles:

I. We are equipped to serve you faster. Everything from design and typesetting to final printing and production is performed in-house for a quicker turnaround. Your orders are processed electronically, so we go to work on your label the minute your order is received.

II. We keep reducing our operating costs to offer you more competititve prices. Our marketing is targeted towards the label buyer to minimize wasted effort and time. Our purchasing is continuously in search of quality materials at the lowest possible prices.

III. Every product shipped is individually checked for quality. A job is not complete until it meets your highest expectations.

But the most important of all, it is a personal commitment from each of us at A B B for a Total Customer Satisfaction. Whether it is working overtime to meet your deadlines, ordering special material or dies for your most unique applications, or working out a special price to meet or beat our competitors, we'll go out of our way so you won't have to.

Give us a call, let us show you what we have to offer.



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