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Our Reseller Program
Label Resellers are a key part of A B B Marketing plan. As such we have gone to great lengths to make certain your orders of labels is processed with utmost efficiency, speed, and at lowest possible cost. Furthermore, we have developed several new programs, as outlined below, to help you increase your sales, while maintaining highly profitable margins and saving administrative time.
1) Free Sales Leads:
As a result of our extensive media advertising, we accumulate hundreds of qualified leads every week. For every dollar you spend with A B B, you are automatically qualified to receive a sales lead in your area.
2) Free Catalog and Samples:
A B B is there to support you all along the way in your marketing, sales, and post sales efforts. Do not hesitate to contact us for a specific stock or printed sample, or even a personalized label catalog.
3) Over the phone & online quotes:
We have designed a simple way to get instant over the phone quotes or directly from the web, while your customer is waiting. Simply provide 4 basic pieces of information to get our most competitive pricing including our special dealer discounts.
4) Online ordering:
We know your time is valuable. Therefore we have made it easy for you to place an order online 24 hours a day with a touch of a few buttons. Simply log in and view your last order. From there you can place an exact re-order or change order specs (e.g. size, quantity, colors), attach artwork files and submit. It's that easy.
5) Specially Assigned C/S Liaison:
We realize that all this technology is sometimes useless unless you have access to an available Customer Service Representative. Starting with your first call, we assign you a specific Rep who is most familiar with your account, orders, and quotes.
6) Our 'Peace of Mind' Guarantees:
In the uncertain world of custom labels, our full satisfaction guarantee makes certain that you will never be stuck with the labels, for whatever reason your client might refuse them. Finally, all orders are maintained in complete confidentiality with 100% account protection.